Migrate to Windows 7 from XP

Seamless Windows Deployment

The clock is winding down on support for Windows XP - it’s time to start planning for a seamless Windows XP to Windows 7 migration.

We've created best practices based on thousands of Windows 7 deployments in hundreds of locations, including hospitals, schools, jungle laboratories and deep sea platforms. And we tailor each migration plan to meet your specific needs.

Trust Dell — your Windows 7 migration specialist

Whether you need help getting started, or you hit a wall during the migration process, we can help you remove stumbling blocks with Dell modular, end-to-end migration services.
Application compatibility is one of the toughest challenges you'll face during an operating system migration. We have that covered. We start with a detailed analysis of your portfolio that includes extensive compatibility testing and show you how to remediate issues as they surface during the process. You can eliminate a huge percentage of network deployment traffic by managing your image in our cloud and cut half of your deployment expenses with Optimized Deployment Services.

By planning ahead and working with an experienced partner, you can create an accurate budget, streamline your migration processes and reduce risk overall. And we can help you prepare your PCs for the upgraded environment whether that is Windows 7, Windows 8, desktop virtualization or bring your own device (BYOD).

Contact a Dell expert to get your Windows 7 migration or other upgrade process started.

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