OCONUS Program

Dell has established a comprehensive OCONUS Support program that addresses the unique requirements of our U.S. Federal customers. OCONUS is an acronym for Outside the CONtinental United States. Dell’s Federal OCONUS service program currently offers service solutions in countries around the world to meet the demands of a global presence. In select countries, Dell offers Next Business Day On-Site Service. We are able to ship parts to virtually any country in the world and Dell is currently working to expand its on-site service offerings in the Middle East due to the increase in U.S. military presence.

Dell offers this program to select entities operating in unique circumstances around the world, which include the following:
U.N. Development Program, Inter-American Development Bank, Pan American Health Organization, Google, Unisys and many more.

OCONUS Program Elements
  • 24x7 English-speaking technical support
  • 24x5 English-speaking escalation team through the Federal Operations Response Team (FORT) at US_FORT@Dell.com
  • Next Business Day On-Site Service in more than 50 countries
  • OCONUS warranted systems default to the warranty level available in the country they are located.*
  • Custom solutions can be created to meet specific requirements
Africa Program Contacts
Americas Program Contacts
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Latin America Program Contacts
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Pacific Rim Program Contacts

*All countries except those embargoed by the United States