Vertical Banking

Create a connected bank

Successful banks are transforming to become highly effective at redefining their cost-base and managing risk, in effect, to become fully customer-centric. That means integrating patchwork payments systems, uniting scattered storage of critical compliance information, integrating rewards, pricing and billing. Reinvent your business with a single, customer-oriented focus with Dell — and become one connected bank. With our solutions, you can:
  • Reduce complexity — Cut costs and reduce complexity with our efficient IT approach to core banking operations. Focus on the bigger picture by simplifying, standardizing and automating data-intensive tasks and invest more of your IT budget in innovation.
  • Focus on the customer — Emphasize relationships, not products. Our business intelligence and loyalty solutions help create the insights necessary to deliver a personalized customer experience and provide the right product at the right price through the right channel.
  • Manage risk — Build customer confidence with information security solutions from Dell. Ease compliance pressures on your IT department using real-time trend awareness and solutions for transparency and e-discovery.
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  1. Application Modernization Data Sheet

    02 Aug 2012

    Innovative application modernization services to drive competitive advantage.

  2. Evolving shared infrastructure in large data centers

    Massive data workloads for high-performance computing, Web 2.0, online gaming and cloud-based applications call for high-density, power-efficient scale-out systems. Dell PowerEdge C8000 series servers help advance scale-out computing innovation.

  3. Customer Analytics for banks

    Get the tools you need to stay ahead of ever-changing customer preferences.

  4. Payments Insourcing Dashboard and Payments Workbench

    Repair and approve insourced payments from any bank. Learn how Dell provides comprehensive exception management functionality required for smooth monitoring of transaction processing and seamless problem resolution for your payments transformation.

  5. Online Catalog Redemption Services

    Execute on your organization's loyalty goals with our partner-based service, Online Rewards Marketplace.

  6. Zafin Labs

    Expand relationship-based pricing by offering discounts on various parameters such as priority of payment, degree of repair, submission time and more. Integrate your payments system with Dell loyalty solutions developed with Zafin Labs.

  7. The RWC Group

    Optimize business processes, train resources and validate end-state payments system performance using system accelerators from Dell partner RWC Group.

  8. Apply Financial

    Obtain and offer mobile payments management across most mobile device platforms through Dell's partner in mobile banking and mobile payments. Apply Mobile is deployable for use in either a consumer or corporate user environment.

  9. VocaLink

    Find out more about Dell's partner for developing state-of-the-art payment applications that can process billions of transactions. VocaLink's offerings and solution accelerators cut time and cost for our Payments Systems Transformation solution.

  10. Dovetail

    Learn about Dell's reference-solution software component provider for our Payments Systems Transformation. We incorporate Dovetail's payments platform and tailored reference solutions as needed to reach your specific goals and objectives.

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