Pan-Bank Rewards

Continuous dialog. Integration. Sustainability.

It's time to talk relationship. Customer loyalty is low — less than 10 percent of customers have a single-brand financial services relationship. Regulation is leaning on mature revenue streams, forcing banks to find new models for customer engagement.

To sustain and grow customer relationships, your organization looks to strengthen loyalty and adoption with points programs, relationship packages and recognition programs. A successful strategy communicates with customers through media of their choosing, encourages a broad range of positive customer behaviors and sends the message that your organization wants to build relationships, not push products.

Rethink loyalty with Dell Services' Pan-Bank Rewards solution. Unlike consortium-provided programs, our solution puts your organization in full control of the selection, duration and pricing of your promotions. Our end-to-end model enables you to achieve these goals:
  • Align to business objectives
  • Increase effectiveness with targeted campaigns
  • Generate meaningful feedback through action-oriented promotions
  • Reinforce customer behavior with high-value reward redemption
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  1. Pan Bank Rewards Consulting

    Maximize your investment in enterprise loyalty. Adopt an integrated, sustainable approach to rewards that has our experts, research and data behind it. We can provide your program setup, strategy and deployment along with program operation.

  2. Online Catalog Redemption Services

    Execute on your organization's loyalty goals with our partner-based service, Online Rewards Marketplace.

  1. Loyalty Execution Engine

    Loyalty Campaign Management and Promotion Execution Engine

    Put our loyalty software engine to work in managing all elements of your loyalty initiative. Using miLoyalty by Dell partner Zafin Labs, we execute on program design, insight, contributions, communication and accounting support.

  1. USMotivation

    Dell and USMotivation

    Learn why USMotivation is a strong partner to provide the software for Dell’s Pan-Bank Rewards solution.