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In today’s financial markets, tough competition is pushing the limits of existing technology. Algorithmic trading is conducted at unprecedented speeds. On traditional trading floors, conventional technology cannot keep up with the demand for security, graphics rendering and reliability. IT is in a state of constant refresh. Your goal is not just to keep up, but to exceed client expectations and capture wallet share. If you want to keep pace with the competition, you’ve got to:
  • Boost performance — Increase transaction speeds, minimize downtime for traders and enhance performance of your applications and databases. Store and analyze huge amounts of data to derive the most value from your IT systems.
  • Drive efficiencies — Initiate changes that drive growth, deliver client value and equip a cost-effective workforce. Make Dell part of your plan for success as you manage costs around every aspect of infrastructure.
  • Renew client focus — Shift emphasis from complex product innovation to richer relationships. Sharpen your ability to capture and analyze client information to build and maintain a solid client base.
  • Manage risk — Implement security and compliance readiness in your IT environment today to accommodate tomorrow’s unforeseeable needs. Take a proactive stance in preparing for risk and changing regulations.
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Featured Solutions & Services

Featured Solutions & Services

Implement your strategy for increased performance, efficiency, client focus and risk management with Dell solutions and services for financial markets.

High-Performance Database Solution

Flash Memory Array

Processor Acceleration Technology

Trading Floor Simplification

Wealth Management Advisory

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Industry Perspectives

Industry Perspectives

Meet the many challenges of today’s financial markets industry with a renewed and open architecture. You’ll improve customer experiences and perform transactions and trades at unprecedented speeds.

Industry Insights

Success Stories

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Key Technologies

Key Technologies

Dell helps you harness the transformative power of today’s latest technologies, simplifying the entire life cycle of every initiative, from assessment and planning to implementation and support.

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