Dell Workspace-as-a-Service

DVS Simplified WaaS

Cloud-based desktop virtualization to simplify deployment and improve business outcomes

Are you ready to eliminate the barriers to virtual desktop adoption through an innovative desktop-as-a-service offering? Dell Workspace-as-a-Service is a simplified, cloud-based solution for organizations of all sizes. You’ll glean the benefits of a back-end infrastructure hosted by a cloud service and secure, full-featured virtual desktops. All without the costs and complexity of deploying virtual desktops on your own.

Dell Workspace-as-a-Service delivers the following:

* A simplified deployment and management of your desktop environment.
* A faster path to virtual desktop deployment.
* Pre-engineered, end-to-end solutions for accelerated business outcomes.

Dell Workspace-as-a-Service enables you to rapidly provision desktops to end users anywhere and on any device, without compromising the computing experience. A recognized leader in cloud technology, our pre-integrated virtual solutions and management services are scalable, secure and affordable.

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  • Dell Workspace-as-a-Service supports a wide range of devices and thin clients (as well as many older PCs) to enable VDI access. 

  • We can help you quickly define and provision persistent or non-persistent desktops.

  • Dell Workspace-as-a-Service minimizes risk to company data and applications from end-user devices being lost, damaged, stolen, or infected.

  • Dell Workspace-as-a-Service reduces the day-to-day desktop management, allowing IT resources to focus on other strategic business needs.
  • Affordable, scalable and flexible. Dell provides desktop-as-a-service management at an affordable price. Our flexible operating model enables you to shift from a traditional upfront investment model to a predictable budget, along with the ability to scale the number of virtual desktops to meet changing business needs.

  • Enterprise-level security. Dell Workspace-as-a-Service is secure and delivered from Dell’s world-class datacenters. We provide best-in-class SecureWorks monitoring, highly secure facilities and a support team of certified experts.

  • Competitive advantage. Worker productivity can surge across the organization when IT staff has a significant reduction in the time needed to perform desktop management and desktop support tasks.

  • Flexible end-user experience. Dell Workspace-as-a-Service works seamlessly via the end user’s device of choice.
Dell offers the following optional services to support you at every step, from deployment to ownership:
  • Network Optimization — Optimize performance and availability with a comprehensive assessment of your network. This includes network and application measurements, analysis and performance optimization, as well as detailed recommendations.