Systems Conversion

Take the risk out of system conversion with help from Dell.

Current market and regulatory forces compel health plans to upgrade software and IT infrastructure. But most health plans do not have the staff to complete a successful conversion while keeping their business running smoothly.

Dell can provide the experienced people and proven methodology to help you make a smooth transition to new software or infrastructure. Dell’s consultants are vendor neutral, which means we work with software and infrastructure from all vendors. We can help you optimize your existing resources and adapt those resources to work with the new system.

Assessment and planning
The key to reducing the risk involved in system conversion is a careful assessment of the resources needed, combined with a complete plan. Dell can provide:

  • Assessment. We’ll do a complete review of your operations, with recommendations for upgrades that will make your business future-ready.
  • Impact analysis. We’ll create a complete report on the benefits and costs of the conversion, and how it will impact your business now and in the future. We’ll give you the tools you need to demonstrate the need for the conversion and justify the costs.
  • Feasibility study. We’ll define all the resources needed, including costs, staffing and timelines.
  • Planning. We’ll provide a detailed plan of actions required for the conversion.

Expert implementation
Dell can provide a wide range of implementation services, depending on the resources needed.

  • Staff augmentation. We can provide staff to maintain your legacy system and prevent backlogs so that your staff can focus on the conversion.
  • Project management. Our project managers have extensive experience with system conversion and can guide your staff through the process.
  • Design. We can create a custom design to optimize your legacy systems and interface them with the new system.
  • Programming. Our software engineers can adapt both new and legacy systems to work together.
  • Testing and quality assurance. Before any piece of the system goes live, we can test your system using real-world parameters, providing assurance that it will work as planned.
  • Documentation. Our team is trained to document every aspect of the conversion so that your team will have the information they need for ongoing management of the system. We’ll also provide any regulatory documentation needed.

Why Dell
Our team has helped dozens of health plans successfully complete system conversions. Our team is experienced with upgrading specialized applications for claims processing and with general business software.

  • Reliability. Dell uses a consistent method for each project to ensure that nothing is overlooked in the planning or the implementation.
  • Flexibility. We work with all systems and all infrastructures. We can help you do the conversion from start to finish, or we can provide individual services as needed.
  • Responsiveness. We can be onsite within days, ready to help you meet your deadlines.
  • Risk Mitigation. We deploy cost effective processes, procedures and methods to keep your system conversion project on time and on budget.

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