Help Me Choose: Ubuntu

Your choice of an operating system (OS) is one of the most important decisions you will make when purchasing a new computer. The OS is the software program that runs all the other applications on your computer. The OS also enables communication between your computer and peripherals such as printers, webcams and external drives.

  • Ubuntu is modern, stylish and easy to use. Its user-friendly design makes learning new applications a snap
  • Ubuntu can have a very low total cost of ownership over the life of your computer. There are no licensing fees for Ubuntu or for the thousands of free applications available through the Ubuntu Software Center. An office productivity suite, LibreOffice, also comes bundled with Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu is safe and secure. With a trusted application software repository, data encryption and built-in protection from malware and viruses, you can be well protected
  • If you are corporate customer, Dell offers ProSupport™ for Ubuntu to help with any OS questions or issues you may have

Which should you choose?

You might prefer Ubuntu if:

  • The applications you use are mostly web-based, e.g. using a browser. Web-based applications run very well with Ubuntu
  • You are not already dependent upon applications based on other operating systems

One of Dell’s primary goals is to provide open, standard-based solutions to our customers. This enables the greatest flexibility, and avoids locking customers into costly, inefficient, proprietary solutions. Dell also recognizes that Linux is increasingly being used by those who value strong security, high reliability, and low total cost of ownership.

We work with our Linux® operating system partners to ensure the highest level of hardware compatibility possible. In some instances, we go beyond the Linux OS partners to the Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV) to improve their hardware drivers to deliver the best support for Linux and the optimal experience for our customers.

Unfortunately, IHV’s often either do not have a Linux driver, or the one that exists is not mature. As a result, Dell may on occasion offer hardware components that may not be fully supported at the time a system is shipped from our factories. However, we continue to work with IHV’s to create and/or improve drivers for Linux to be on par with other operating systems. We are also working with IHV’s to release their drivers to the open source community to leverage the vast Linux talent pool in developing more complete and mature drivers for improved functionality and compatibility with the growing ecosystem of components for systems. The result will be better drivers, improved support, and simplified distribution rights — all delivering the best experience possible for our Linux customers.

Please go to the following website to check whether the hardware component you want is supported:

Systems built with Linux operating systems are not eligible for Windows Volume Licensing.