Help Me Choose: Dell Accidental Damage Service

Drops. Spills. Power surges. Accidents happen. Are you prepared?

What is Accidental Damage?

Dell Accidental Damage Service* is a repair or replacement program for select systems and peripherals that have been exposed to unintentional damage, not covered by your Limited Hardware Warranty.*

Accidental Damage Service can help ensure that your system is back in working order as quickly as possible.

Accidental Damage Service provides:
  • Shipment of customer replaceable parts
  • Shipment of the damaged product to a Dell repair facility
  • Replacement of a product if it has been accidentally damaged beyond repair

If you select ProSupport Plus, it includes repairs for accidental damage.

Coverage Details

Examples of damage where the hardware unit would be repaired or replaced are:
  • Liquid spilled on or in unit
  • Drops, falls and other collisions
  • Electrical surge
  • Damaged or broken LCD due to a drop or fall
Damage caused by intentional acts, fire, theft or loss, are not covered under Dell Accidental Damage Service.* Examples of damage where the hardware unit would not be repaired or replaced are:
  • Damage due to fire
  • Intentional damage (such as hammer marks)
  • Normal wear
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Consumable parts (such as bulbs, toner)
  • Theft or loss
Accidental Damage Service* can offer peace of mind for hardware systems exposed to high-risk usage and environments where end users are part of a mobile workforce, or in field sales, shared workspaces, retail or classroom settings.

Accidental Damage Service is available in 1- to 3-year terms, coinciding with the term of the product’s underlying Limited Hardware Warranty,* allowing you to customize your coverage based on the needs of your businesses usage environments.

Key features include:

  • International coverage* — Tech support is available if you experience an accidental damage situation while traveling outside your country of origin.
  • Improved cost control — Minimize the out-of-pocket expenses to repair unanticipated damage.
  • Increased scope of coverage — Accidental Damage Service is a separate service agreement that compliments your Limited Hardware Warranty, covering damage due to accidental drops, spills, power surges and breakages.