Help Me Choose: Battery

Dell Latitude laptop batteries offer fast charging and long life to help keep you productive and powered up when you’re on the go. Dell’s configuration options for Latitude laptops include high-capacity batteries and innovative battery slice options on select systems.

Dell’s battery slice options attach to the bottom of many Latitude systems and work in conjunction with the system’s primary battery. You can also charge slice batteries of your laptop independently by plugging the power adapter directly into the battery.

The optional Dell 3-year warranty* battery is designed to help reduce total cost of ownership, and provide reliable and consistent battery performance.

Latitude E6x30 and E5x30 BIOS provide Dell Battery Management Function, which allows you to decide how you want your ExpressCharge capable batteries to be charged based on your usage scenario.

Click the "Compare side-by-side" tab to review the different battery configuration options available on each Latitude system.
System Battery Configuration Options ExpressCharge Capable 
Latitude 33304-cell 44 WHr  No
 6-cell 65 WHr  No 
Latitude 6430u 3-cell 36 WHrYes
6-cell 60 WHr Yes
3-cell 32 WHr Yes
6-cell 65 WHr Yes
Latitude E6230/E6330/E6430s 6-cell 3-year 58 WHr No
9-cell slice 97 WHr No
4-cell 40 WHr (selected countries) Yes
6-cell 60 WHr Yes
9-cell 97 WHr  Yes
Latitude E6430/E6530/E6430ATG/E5530/E5430 9-cell 3-year 87 WHr  No
 9-cell slice 97 WHr No
Media bay 30 WHr (not for E5430/E5530)  Yes
Latitude 14 5000 Series and Latitude 15 5000 Series4-cell (40 Whr) Yes 
6-cell (65 Whr) Yes 
9-cell (97 Whr) Yes