Help Me Choose: Operating Systems

The operating system is one of the most important programs on your computer.

- Every PC must have an operating system to run other programs.
- Operating systems perform basic tasks such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the monitor, keeping track of files and directories on the hard disk, and controlling devices such as optical drives and printers.
- Operating systems also manage how your computer accesses available networks.

- Windows® 8.1 Pro 64-bit
- Windows® 7 Professional 64-Bit
Choose ... If you ... Features*
Windows 8.1 Pro Want all the features in Windows 8.1 and:
 Plan to take your personal device (PC, tablet) into a domain-joined environment
  • Domain Join 
 Have a volume license agreement with Microsoft
  • Volume Licensing option 
 Want to encrypt your entire hard drive to help protect you against loss and theft
  • Bitlocker® (TPM required)
 Work in a managed environment
  • Domain Join
  • Remote Desktop
  • Group Policy
  • Offline Files
 Want to back up to network locations, DVD or another drive
  • Advanced Backup
The Windows 7 OS is designed to be reliable and responsive, making it easy for you to do the things you want to do.
Choose ...If you ...Features*
Windows 7 ProfessionalWant all the features in Windows 7 Home Premium, and:
— Need Windows 7 Professional today but may want to use Windows 8.1 Pro in the future
  Want to enable your Downgrade Rights* as defined in the Windows 8.1 EULA*. What is it: This offering* is a License of Windows 8.1 Pro, with the installation of Windows 7 Professional. This does not have a license of Windows 7 Professional.
    -    Are a small or medium organization looking to work from anywhereLocation-aware printing
Mobility center with presentation settings
Remote desktop host
    -    Are concerned about safeguarding your organization
 File system encryption
Advanced backup

Some product features may require advanced or additional hardware.
2. Downgrade Rights enable a customer who purchases a Windows 8.1 Pro license to utilize a different operating system in the place of the licensed OS. Specifically at Dell, we are enabling Windows 7 Professional in the place of Windows 8.1 Pro. The PC licensed for Windows 8.1 Pro may only have 1 Operating System installed at a time, so the customer may utilize a Windows 8.1 Pro Operating System or Windows 7 Professional. With this offering we are installing Windows 7 Professional in place of Windows 8.1, but providing the license to Windows 8.1 Pro in the BIOS so that when the customer chooses to upgrade to Windows 8.1, the customer will have a licensed and activated Operating System installed on the PC.
3. The EULA is the End User License Agreement. This is an agreement between the PC Owner and Windows
 that enables the PC Owner’s right to use either Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8.1 Pro. For reference this document can be accessed from the following link: (Instructions: Choose Pre-Installed on your computer from the computer manufacturer, Product Name: Windows, Version: 8.1 Pro, Language: your choice)
4. To enable downgrade to Windows 7 on this system the BIOS settings on this system were changed to boot into legacy BIOS mode. If the BIOS setting is not changed to native UEFI mode boot prior to installing, Windows 8.1 Pro [update] Product or Windows 8.1 Pro will install; however, the following Windows 8.1 Pro [update] Product, Windows 8.1 Pro functionalities will not work as they rely on a native UEFI mode boot:
• Secure Boot
• Seamless Boot experience
• Network unlock for Bitlocker for systems with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
• eDrive support