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Small, medium, and large businesses have a variety of computing needs. Whether your goal is to strengthen security, control costs, or improve worker productivity, the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family delivers remote manageability, enterprise-ready security, and smart performance that adapts to user needs.

Best for Business: 4th Gen Intel® Core™ with vPro™
  • 4th gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors provide the foundation for an agile, productive enterprise across the entire business client computing continuum—tablet, netbook, laptop, Ultrabook device, desktop, and workstation
  • Key vPro features: Manageability, Security and Automation
  • Get in front of the user’s PC to diagnose and repair without leaving your chair—even with an inoperable OS
  • Cut administration time and cost through fast, automated PC configuration using the latest version of Intel® Setup and Configuration Software. Let employees get back to work instantly and keep them productive while repairing their PCs
  • Improved power management—save power with remotely configured, automated power-up/down – Easily re-direct, reboot, and re-image PCs from anywhere. Quickly locate assets across the campus, like conference rooms, printers, or lost notebook PCs with Intel® vPro™ Technology Embedded, Hardware-Assisted Security
  • Threat Mitigation: Securely boot up business clients from a hardware root of trust with Intel® Platform Protection Technology with Boot Guard. Help prevent malware from digging in below the OS using Intel® OS Guard7
Responsive PerformanceEmbedded Security
Features Responsive
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Strengthened Security and
Advanced Manageability
Get behind the keyboard with hardware-based Enhanced KVM Remote Control so you can monitor the client PC through all states* without leaving your desk.nononoyesyes
Find resources fast, like conference rooms, lost PCs, and printers.nononoyesyes
Help keep corporate networks safe with two-factor authentication VPN, while simplifying VPN login without a dedicated password.*nononoyesyes
performance for greater
Accelerate meetings by securely sharing from your device to a conference room TV or projector with secure and manageable wireless networks, using Intel® Pro Wireless Display.*nononoyesyes
Work faster with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which adapts performance when needed for more demanding tasks.*noyesyesyesyes
Improve productivity with security using hardware-based acceleration of encryption and decryption with Intel® AES-New Instructions.*noyesyesyesyes
Beauty and performance: built-in visuals provide superb visual performance and sharper images for multimedia applications, digital content creation, and collaboration.**yesyesyesyesyes
Get more done with multitask processing, enabling the PC to work on more tasks at the same time when working among multiple office applications.*yesyesyesyesyes
Instantly on. Always connected. Always updated. Responsiveness technologies help make users more productive, more often.**yesyesyesyesyes
Have the performance and security* support you need for Windows 8.1 when your business is ready to migrate.yesyesyesyesyes