Help Me Choose: Optical Drive


Dell offers a variety of optical drives with the features and functions needed for multitasking and enhanced productivity. The optical drive on your Dell™ business system allows you to back up your data and images by burning them to CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ (BD). Choose among CD, DVD and BD drives based on your capacity requirements. If you're looking for more storage capacity than CDs or single-layer DVDs, double-layer (DL) DVD disks offer up to 8.5GB of storage and BD discs offer up to 50GB of storage per disc.

What Kind of Capacity Do You Need?
Choose a removable media storage device based on your needs. A CD drive will give you adequate resources to read the average compact disc. However, many businesses have transitioned to DVDs because these discs can store more data: a DVD has several times the storage capacity of a CD. If you're looking for even more storage capacity on a single disc to save numerous presentations, documents and rich media files, then Double Layer (DL) media — up to 8.5GB or Blu-ray media up to 50GB — is what you need to maximize your capacity.

The system you are configuring may or may not include all of the options listed here.

If you want to ...Choose ...
Burn CDs DVD+/-RW, BD-RE 
Load software from DVD DVD+/-RW, DVD-ROM, BD-RE 
Load software from CDDVD+/-RW, DVD-ROM, BD-RE
Enjoy superb storage capacity and high-definition viewing pleasureBD-RE
Blu-ray Rewritable DriveDVD +/-RW Drive (Super Multi) DVD-ROM Drive 
Burn Blu-ray Discs YesNoNo 
Watch Blu-ray Disc Movies Yes No No
Burn DVDs Yes Yes No 
Burn CDs Yes Yes No 
Load Software from DVD Yes Yes Yes 
Load Software from CD Yes Yes Yes 
Watch DVDs Yes Yes Yes 
Listen to CDs Yes Yes Yes 
Read DVD-RAM Yes Yes Yes 
Write DVD-RAM Yes Yes No