Help Me Choose: Power Supply

The Dell Precision™ T3600, T3610 and T5600, T5610 offer two power supply (PSU) options: entry level and upgrade. Both PSU options are 90 percent efficient and 80 Plus® Gold Certified. The optional PSU upgrade offers higher wattage to support richer system configurations. This allows you to choose the power supply that best fits your needs.

SystemStandard Power Supply Upgrade Power Supply
T3600, T3610425W685W

Required for:
• Three or more hard drives
• Single or dual Nvidia Quadro K4000 and K5000 or AMD FirePro W7000
T5600, T5610685W 825W

Required for:
• When choosing RDIMM memory
• Greater than 95W CPU
• Single or dual Nvidia Quadro K6000, single or dual AMD FirePro W8000, dual Nvidia Quadro K5000 or K4000 or dual AMD FirePro W7000

Q: What happens if, in the future, I add more equipment than the workstation can support?
If, after the point of sale, additional components are added to your workstation that require more power than the PSU can support, a warning message will appear alerting you that your power supply does not support the recent configuration changes.