Help Me Choose: Processor

Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers featuring AMD Opteron™ 6200 series processors are designed to handle the increasing complexity and demands of today’s real-world workloads. The AMD Opteron 6200 series processors deliver the world’s first x86 16-core processor, delivering a rich mix of performance, scalability and efficiency for today’s highly threaded computing environments.

Energy efficiency without feature compromises

Regardless of power band, each processor has the same full set of features, making no compromises on cache size, memory speed or interconnect bandwidth. The AMD Opteron 6200 Series processor platform offers three power options to match your workload and power requirements: SE, Standard and HE series. Considering that it could be difficult to determine the right processor for your application, we have provided vital information in the table below to help you make the best decision.

AMD Opteron  6200 Series Processor Product Specifications
Model NumberCore CountCore FrequencyAll Core Boost Frequency AMD Turbo CORE Max FrequencyMax Memory BandwidthCMOS TechL2 CacheL3 CachePower Band
6282 SE   162.6GHz3.0GHz3.3GHz1024GB/s32 nm SOI 8 X 2MB16MBSE
6276162.3GHz2.6GHz3.2GHz1024GB/s32 nm SOI8 X 2MB16MBStandard
6274162.2GHz2.5GHz3.1GHz1024GB/s32 nm SOI8 X 2MB16MBStandard
6272162.1GHz    2.4GHz3.0GHz1024GB/s32 nm SOI8 X 2MB16MBStandard
6262 HE16 1.6GHz2.1GHz2.9GHz1024GB/s32 nm SOI8 X 2MB16MBHE
623812 2.6GHz2.9GHz3.2GHz1024GB/s32 nm SOI6 X 2MB16MBStandard
6234122.4GHz2.7GHz3.0GHz1024GB/s32 nm SOI6 X 2MB16MBStandard
622083.0GHz3.3GHz3.6GHz1024GB/s32 nm SOI4 X 2MB16MBStandard
621282.6GHz2.9GHz 3.2GHz1024GB/s32 nm SOI4 X 2MB 16MBStandard
620443.3GHzN/AN/A1024GB/s32 nm SOI4 X 2MB16MBStandard


  • New Core Architecture — drives more core density and greater throughput
  • AMD Turbo CORE Technology — allows processors to independently boost their clock speeds, scaling frequency up 500MHz–1GHz automatically to respond to the need for more application performance*
  • Flex FP — delivers 256-bit floating point processing with more throughput* for both 128-bit and 256-bit technical applications
  • AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) Technology 2.0 — heightens virtualization efficiency with new enhancements to the AMD-V™ suite of virtualization to optimize data center rack space and help minimize management tasks

Unleash unprecedented performance of highly threaded applications through massive, industry-leading core density

  • A new 16-core architecture for the next generation of scalable business critical applications, featuring an innovative design that drives more core density and greater throughput with 60–160 percent more cores than the competition*
  • The modular design features up to 33 percent more cores* and 35 percent greater performance* in a smaller silicon footprint* than AMD’s current products, bringing high-performance throughput for scalable computing environments such as virtualization, HPC, Web/cloud clusters and database applications
  • Straight-through computing helps ensure that there are no bottlenecks or compromises — when the workload grows up to 16 tasks each has their own dedicated core, with maximum memory and I/O speed available to support HPC, database and other compute intensive applications.
  • Break HPC barriers with the ability to scale to higher core counts with fewer nodes boosting overall performance while decreasing physical system count and decreasing system-to-system latency*.