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    Dell DR4000 support for Symantec OpenStorage: Disk-to-disk-to-tape backup using a storage life cycle policy

    This white paper describes the Symantec OpenStorage Technology and Dell DR4000 support for this initiative. The paper presents the advantages to customers, two sample use cases and step-by-step guidance for implementing Dell OpenStorage support and configuring a NetBackup automated workflow for disk-to-disk-to-tape backups.

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    Integrating Dell DR4000 into tape backup environments

    This white paper focuses on four typical use cases for integrating the Dell DR4000 advanced disk backup and disaster recovery appliance into existing tape infrastructure. With its efficient deduplication and compression algorithms, the DR4000 can be a cost-effective and critical addition to an organization’s disaster recovery plans. The DR4000 usually replaces a tape drive or library as the primary backup solution because it can deliver fast full backups and restores more efficiently than traditional tape devices. Using a combination of the DR4000 for primary backups and existing tape infrastructure for secondary backups, it provides a high-performance and reliable solution to meet legal obligations or business requirements for off-site storage, archiving and disaster recovery. In addition, the recent release of the DR4000 Rapid Data Access software plug-in enables more efficient workflows such as automating disk-to-tape backups to consolidate tape backup systems from remote sites into the data center.

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    Deploying Dell PowerVault NX3600 series NAS appliance in CIFS environment

    This white paper is part of a series that presents guidance for planning and deploying the Dell PowerVault NX3600 network-attached storage (NAS) storage system. Here, we present guidance for deployment in a Microsoft Windows operating system environment using the CIFS protocol.

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    Deploying Dell PowerVault NX3600 series NAS appliances in NFS environment

    This white paper presents guidance for planning and deploying a Dell PowerVault NX3600 series NAS storage system in a Linux environment using the Network File System (NFS) protocol.

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