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Capturing the imagination and attention of today’s students requires fresh approaches to teaching and learning. That’s one reason educators are turning to computing devices to involve students more actively in learning.

Dell offers a rich array of these devices that teachers can integrate into their teaching practices. When teachers put these devices into the hands of their students, they open up opportunities for those students to produce, consume and analyze information in ways never before possible. In addition, teachers are able to interact with students inside and outside of class time, and can more easily personalize learning to help each student reach his or her highest potential.

Dell can help you find the best fit for your students’ and teachers’ learning needs:

  • Tablets: Optimized for touch & mobility, Dell’s tablets provide unmatched flexibility for students, teachers and administrators. Dell tablets deliver robust content, productivity tools and ecosystem support, on-line and off.
  • Laptops: Ideal for content creation and collaboration, Dell’s laptops strike a balance between mobility and performance for students with advanced computing needs.
  • Desktops: Dell’s desktop computers are a longtime standard for classroom computing — in labs, on rolling carts, on teacher desks and in media centers.
  • Chromebooks: Provide easy to manage cloud-based learning environment. Dell Chromebooks deliver essential functionality for affordable and hassle-free 1:1deployments.
  • Carts: Dell provides computer carts that secure, store and charge classroom mobile computers and enable easy management of software and system updates.

 Contact a Dell sales representative to determine which device suits your needs.

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    Dell Chromebook 11


    Enabling affordable & comprehensive 1:1 computing ecosystem at school and home.

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    Latitude 13 Education Series


    Schoolyard tough. Classroom ready.

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    Dell Latitude 6430u


    Deliver powerful performance, and enable versatile usage and productivity with Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabook running on Intel vPro. Discover the features and benefits of this netbook that is built for ultimate business mobility.

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    Dell Latitude E6430


    Achieve the right balance between mobility, performance and durability with Dell Latitude E6430 — a ruggedly built laptop. Review its specifications and features and discover why it is suitable for office-to-home professionals who are producing on the go.

  5. Venue 11 pro

    Venue 11 spec sheet

    Venue™ 11 Pro: The ultimate 2-in-1 flexibility: power of an ultrabook, functionality of a desktop, portability of a tablet.

  6. Venue™ 8

    Venue 8 spec sheet

    Venue™ 8: The feature rich tablet designed to keep you constantly connected.

  7. Venue™ 8 Pro

    Venue 8 Pro spec sheet

    Venue™ 8 Pro: An amazing productivity companion for your Windows® world.

  1. IT Simplification Assessment

    Dell IT Simplification Assessment for Education Institutions

    Many administrators are looking to prepare their campuses for new instructional technology initiatives, with added challenges of reducing the cost of operations, improving IT efficiency

  2. Thin Client Poc

    Cloud Client-Computing and Desktop Virtualization


    Dell cloud client-computing, desktop virtualization and VDI solutions help IT professionals ensure security, manageability and flexibility for customers.

  1. Bretford Logo


    Bretford manufactures and designs furniture products for the modern learning environment, built to simplify the use of mobility devices and encourage people to work together.

  2. Datamation


    Datamation creates total solutions for your storage, power and security needs with a wide variety of mobile notebook/tablet carts, managed carts, stationary cabinets, multimedia lab environments, battery chargers and security cable locks.

  3. Ergotron


    Ergotron adapts Dell technologies to the varying teaching and learning styles in almost any learning environment.

  1. learning-thro-tech-video.jpg

    Transforming learning through technology

    K12 districts throughout the country are transformation their learning environments by giving students access to technology that enhances collaboration, inquiry, engagement and creativity. This video highlights the learning innovation and student outcome gains being realized.

  2. tablet-learning-productivity.jpg

    Dell Tablet Learning Productivity


    Discover how you can enhance learning productivity in your classroom with Dell Latitude 10 tablet running Microsoft Windows 8 — an extremely flexible tool that enables students to share information and perform multiple tasks easily.

  3. tablet-accessibility.jpg

    Dell Tablet Accessibility


    Enable mobility and empower learners with Dell Latitude 10 tablet — a device that offers accessible technologies that can help personalize learning and enable students achieve their educational goals no matter what level of technology they require.

  4. tablet-operational-efficiency.jpg

    Dell Tablet Operational Efficiency


    Securely access your school network anytime and anywhere with Dell Latitude 10 tablet — a device that can help you deliver operational efficiency for IT administrators and school districts, while enabling personalized learning experience in the classroom.

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    Driving Outcomes with One-to-One Initiatives

    By putting mobile devices into the hands of students and teacher, teachers can design activities that push the boundaries of the traditional classroom, inspiring creativity, exploration and new discoveries. Discover some of the outcomes that districts have seen since implementing their initiatives.

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    Leadership Imperatives for 1-to-1 Success

    Success in a 1-to-1 environment depends on strong leaders who build a culture of innovation and collaboration.

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    Boosting Educational Outcomes with an Immersive Learning Experience

    Students of all ages and abilities love interacting with touch-based devices. The Windows 8 Pro platform and Dell systems with Intel processors make it easy to incorporate tablets in a laptop- and desktop-based environment to facilitate learning.

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    Checklist for a Successful 1-to-1 Rollout


    Rolling out a 1-to-1 initiative is a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be a headache. From your first stakeholder meeting to putting devices in student hands, here’s what your district needs to know to ensure a smooth integration.