Deploy a fully virtualized enterprise-class SAN that enables servers, storage and networking within a single blade chassis to deliver a truly efficient converged data center inside the PowerEdge M1000e blade chassis. The remarkable EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array is a double-wide, half-height blade with a novel drawer-in-drawer design that enables rapid configuration, manageability and scaling to help save time, control costs and mitigate risk. The PS-M4110 is available in four versions to address a wide variety of business needs:
  • PS-M4110E — affordable capacity, performance and connectivity for your small or midsize business 
  • PS-M4110X — great balance of cost-effective performance and capacity for high-traffic applications  
  • PS-M4110XV — high performance for business-critical applications in enterprise, remote-office, branch-office or department-IT environments  
  • PS-M4110XS (Coming soon) — advanced tiering capabilities with SSD low-latency performance and HDD capacity in one storage solution