Dell and Dovetail

Dovetail provides advanced payments capabilities to leading global and regional banks. The organization provides tools that automate payments processing, from bulk ACH (automated clearing house) clearing to global RTGS (real-time gross settlement) systems. Dovetail has offerings that span the industry, including wholesale and retail, high-value and low-value, urgent and nonurgent, single and bulk payments, multicurrency, multicompany and multi-entity operations.

Dovetail provides the application framework that Dell incorporates in its payments solutions. This framework uses a reference architecture that is designed to support a modernization strategy that Gartner refers to as 'semi-open.' Dovetail's framework automates the processing of payments and fully supports ISO 20022 messaging standards to insure no truncation of data. It is component based and built on modern open standards and technology, making it a versatile and flexible addition to most IT settings.

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