If your organization insources payments processing from smaller banks, you may benefit from our business-process-management tools (solution accelerators) that boost efficiency in these areas:

  • Transaction management and monitoring
  • Transaction repair and approvals
  • Real-time reporting

Our Payments Insourcing Dashboard accelerator is a front-end application that interfaces with your payments back-office operations to provide a single view of all incoming and outgoing payment transactions. Your payments administrator can get complete visibility of all payment transactions, and can initiate repairs and flag approvals.
Some of the key features of the tool are:

  • Well-defined user hierarchy — Customizable screen layouts per user roles
  • In-house and insource payments summary — Summary of payments status classified by instruments, incoming channel, outgoing channel, acquisition mode and charge option
  • Reporting capabilities

The Payments Workbench accelerator then allows your staff to repair and approve insourced payments from any bank. It offers comprehensive exception management functionality required for smooth monitoring of transaction processing and seamless problem resolution.
Key benefits of these solution accelerators:

  • Improved monitoring and compliance management covering multiple jurisdictions
  • In-time response and user-friendly technology
  • Frequent on-demand information and reporting
  • Improved internal governance and groupwide securities exposure management
  • Reduced cost of compliance due to an enterprise-wide framework
  • Separation of data and process ownership
  • Improved accuracy
  • High-value, low-cost solution with no licensing fees

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