The evaluation component of our Payments Systems Transformation solution reveals areas where your current-state operations fall short of your goals, identify gaps and develop a solution roadmap. We then bridge those gaps seamlessly and quickly with the appropriate solution accelerators and third-party products that have been prevalidated for integration with our semi-open payments framework.

Some of the accelerators we may recommend for you include:

  • Rule-based pricing engine by Dell partner Zafin Labs — relationship-based pricing provides you the flexibility to offer discounts to customers based on their relationship with the bank and also on various payments parameters like priority of payment, degree of repair required, volume of transactions and more
  • Automated testing tool — test payments applications for complex payment scenarios for multiple data and rule combinations 
  • Payments Dashboard and Workbench — a single view of the bank’s payments business, this application allows you to monitor and act on approvals and repairs of payments transactions, and also to meet regulations requiring transparency
  • Faster Payments reference solution from Dell partner VocaLink ― real-time payments processing architecture for low-value transfers that make a bank-to-bank payment as quick and easy as transferring money between intra-bank accounts. This accelerator enables multinational banks to run their own near real-time switching, clearing and settlement

Contact us for details about how we accelerate and tailor your payments transformation.