Dell and VocaLink

In 2003, VocaLink, an international payments specialist, engaged Dell to reduce support costs and improve performance for its legacy payments processing platform. That relationship evolved into a strategic partnership to develop state-of-the-art payment applications that can process billions of transactions.

Together we have helped large banks and clearing houses streamline their payments operations, develop advanced payments applications, improve straight throughput rates, reengineer and manage retail and wholesale payments infrastructures, consolidate disparate payment systems and more.

For our Enterprise Payments solutions, VocaLink provides consulting services and offerings that support mobile payments and centralized real-time transaction processing. These leverage the Faster Payments reference solution. Our joint consulting-based services cover the entire payments value chain. We provide:

  • IT strategy and execution consulting for the long term, enabling banks to optimize and rationalize their payments application landscape
  • Immediate Payments, a reference solution that delivers real-time payment processing at a national payments level
  • Custom application development, maintenance, hosting and support for setting up payments infrastructure for end-to-end straight through processing (STP)
  • Configuration of applications for multichannel payments initiation (web, mobile and more); messaging (SWIFT, XML, proprietary and more); and routing, clearing and settlement 
  • Back-office payments outsourcing with faster completion times
In addition to its consulting expertise, VocaLink has been a pioneer in electronic payments processing, having developed, operated and promoted ACH (automated clearing house) services for over 40 years. The company securely processes more than 9 billion payment transactions per year — over 100 million transactions on a peak day. It also operates the world’s busiest ATM network, connecting over 60,000 ATMs.

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