Technology for Business Intelligence

To outperform the competition, you need to make smart decisions fast — decisions that are based on the right information. A comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) strategy helps you connect data, not just collect it, so you can:

  • Sense, align and respond to customer demands and market conditions
  • React immediately to potential disruptions that can halt production
  • Control costs and maximize profitability
Our Business Intelligence solutions for manufacturing deliver the real-time operational visibility and insights you need to grow, compete and thrive.

Turn raw data into insights

Dell Product & Profit Analytics (DPPA)
offers powerful segmentation, analysis and simulation tools that give manufacturers full visibility into all factors that affect product profitability. You get intelligence analytics that can help you quickly rebalance product portfolios, adjust pricing, change market strategies, allocate resources and optimize sourcing.

Process massive amounts of real-time data

The Dell SAP/HANA solution is based on in-memory technology and significantly accelerates data access in transaction-heavy environments. This allows manufacturers to leverage the most current data available when making critical decisions. Our optimally configured solutions include a hardware appliance, preloaded software and a full range of services so you can conduct analytics, performance management and operations in a single system.
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