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With a growing number of users who need to access enterprise applications and data from a wide range of devices and locations, developing enterprise applications for mobile devices isn’t easy. You need to support a wide variety of devices, screen sizes and operating systems, as well as consider the many different ways in which users interact with them. Moreover, you need to meet a plethora of specific application and data security requirements.

Dell can help. Our Mobile Applications experts work with you to transform applications for the mobile workplace using the best approach for your business requirements. We offer comprehensive solutions and expert resources for application development, modernization and virtualization — and that ultimately helps your organization save time and control costs. 

Dell Mobility Application Services                           Dell Mobility Application Services 
                           Our Mobility Application Services consultants help your
                           mobile application strategy come to fruition.We help you
                           define, design, develop,test and support a wide range
                           of apps.

Mobility User Experience UX Workshop                           Mobility User Experience UX Workshop
                           Our Mobility User Experience UX Workshop includes
                           demos to help you visualize your concept, which then
                           serve as wireframes for development. And the Dell
                           Mobility Center of Excellence helps you integrate
                           business requirements with IT policy and budgets.

Dell Cloud Client-Computing                            Dell Cloud Client-Computing
                           Depending on the number of applications in a company,
                           building or modernizing apps might be cost-prohibitive.
                           Desktop virtualization offers an affordable alternative that
                           enables end users to access their applications from any
                           device through single sign-on. Part of Dell Cloud Client-
                           Computing, the Dell Wyse Datacenter portfolio offers
                           pretested, preconfigured end-to-end solutions,including
                           endpoints, data center hardware, services and
                           virtualization software to address the needs of a mobile
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