End User Solutions

Drive productivity and facilitate collaboration with secure, manageable solutions.

The modern workforce is a connected workforce. But all that information on the move can make you vulnerable. Download the whitepaper to learn more. So how do you balance the needs of your federal workforce and your federal workplace?

With Dell End User Solutions, you don’t have to choose between risk and productivity. With a host of high-performance tablets, laptops, and workstations, your agency can craft a customized solution on the hardware side and protect federal resources through secure, virtualized/cloud solutions on the software side.

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 End User Solutions
Important notice: Dell Services has been acquired by NTT DATA, a top 10 global IT services company. Learn more about the integration here, or visit the new NTT DATA Services, formerly Dell Services website to view all offerings. Select these links to find NTT DATA Services offerings in Application Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Infrastructure Managed Services, Cloud Services and Digital Business Services as well as NTT DATA Services’ expertise in vertical industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, and Manufacturing.


Your agency employees want mobility, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), virtualization, and other flexibility-enabling solutions.
You want to ensure your federal data is as secure as possible. With Dell, you can have it all.

Future Ready Workforce Mobility Desktop Virtualization
Future Ready Workforce
Your employees’ workspace doesn’t fall into a one-size-fits-all mold and neither should their technology.
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Create the ideal mobile strategy for your federal agency. Keep your people on the move and keep the data that’s moving with them totally secure.
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 Desktop Virtualization
No matter how employees are connecting, give them the flexibility and access they require without risking breaches of federal agency data. Wyse Gov, our cloud client computing environment, integrates with your existing infrastructure to create virtual desktops for your remote employees.
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Windows Migration and PC Deployment End User Consulting   
Windows Migration and PC Deployment

Upgrade your Windows operating system, agency laptops, and security processes all at the same time. We’ll help you simplify IT management with the ability to perform software updates on your entire fleet of PCs at one time and prevent breaches and hacks.
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 End User Consulting
Accelerate operating system migrations, automate PC management and adopt new, future-ready technologies to lower your support costs and improve productivity. Our end user consultants will help with whatever you need, whether it’s support for your mobility program, desktop virtualization, or another Dell Fed solution.
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