Dell OEM Solution Programs

Dell OEM programs can enable you to focus on what you do best - innovation

The Dell-embedded program, with Intel, enables you to utilize Dell-trusted hardware and services as part of your product. If you are currently spending your precious resources designing, building and testing ARM or x86-based products, now is a great time to see if our embedded offerings can enable you to focus on what you do best — innovation.

With Dell’s long-life products that offer component-level stability, durable design, harsh-environment accessories and advanced system management capabilities, you can get your product exactly the way you need it today. By taking advantage of the Dell original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty program and global support infrastructure, you can depend on the worry-free operation of your product for years to come.

OEM Ready Program OEM Ready Program

Dell offers custom-branded hardware by removing Dell logos and labels from the external hardware and software BIOS. 

oem branding program  OEM Branding Program

From bezel to BIOS, your Dell PowerEdge server can look as if it was designed and built by you. Utilize our OEM Server Appliance Branding Program to customize your bezel just the way you like. We also offer an OEM Identity Module Software Branding Program to modify software branding such as BIOS splash screens, settings, and much more.

XL Program  XL Program

The Dell OEM XL program allows you to better manage server, hardware and IT life cycles at your own pace. Get the flexibility, stability and support you need with Dell.

Mobility Solutions  Mobility Solutions

You’ve got the perfect mobile solution with a market that is ready for it. To help ensure success, you need a supplier with experience in bringing new game-changing innovation to market.