Life Cycle Management

Managing Changes and Transition

Dell original equipment manufacturer (OEM) understands the difficulty in dealing with changes to hardware platforms. From a complete product refresh to the most seemingly innocuous firmware update, we know each OEM customer has differing levels of sensitivity to changes a product can go through. Our OEM teams provide multiple levels of awareness to all the changes a platform can go through during its sales life as well as managing transitions between generations of platforms.

Change Management

Using experienced teams of experts dedicated to the OEM business, Dell maintains a consistent information flow to each of our customers. The level of interaction can be determined by each customer depending on their need to know about changes to a platform. We can track and report on all the critical changes to a platform during its sales life, alleviate any change issues that may crop up through controlled transitions and even prerelease test samples when merited. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for OEM customers to work with Dell™ COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) hardware and all the benefits it can bring.
Management Plan
Across the company, Dell recognizes the value of having a consistent platform and as such, released updates in group blocks no more often than once per quarter (except in the case of urgent/emergency updates).The OEM account teams provide regular updates to their customers, so everyone is aware of the critical aspects of each block release, including:

  • The date the block release occurs
  • The items impacted by the updates in each block release
  • Whether firmware, software, BIOS or other updates are required
  • Unique risks to any given customer involving the updates

We take great pride in offering consistently accurate information to our OEM customers. This is standard practice for us.

Lifecycle Management

Dell OEM gives a clear vision to each of our customers through regular road map presentations and constant interaction with your teams. We aim to ensure that there is never a surprise about when a new platform will start sales and when the previous generation will be discontinued. With an assured generational overlap of no less than three months during platform transition and programs to extend the overlap to as much as 12 months (depending on volumes, commitments and need), Dell can meet the needs of nearly all hardware solutions' developers wishing to work with x86 platforms.
Lifecycle Transition
Knowing that Intel®, AMD and other core component manufacturers have their own road map plans, we can all benefit from following, Dell OEM Solutions focuses its capabilities on education, planning and custom services associated with platform transitions. We take planning for platform transitions seriously because we know the pressures our customers are under to maintain a stable supply and reduce the engineering and qualification costs associated with platform transitions.

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