OEM-Ready Hardware

Dell OEM-Ready Solutions

Dell has spent more than 12 years providing the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) resources for customers to design, develop and deliver their own IT-powered solutions. We can provide the OEM hardware you need to confidently take your products to market and showcase your own brand and image. Now you can focus on developing your business instead of the hardware and you can rely on our professional support team to help with your project. The Dell™ OEM team created the OEM-Ready program, so you can take advantage of the hardware platforms you need to fully develop your solutions.

OEM-Ready Tenants
You can quickly customize OEM-Ready standard platforms and server appliances to display the look and feel you want to bring to market. You can accelerate your time-to-profit by using our customizable, tier 1 original technologies in your own solutions. Dell is your source for comprehensive end-to-end OEM integration. Our global supply chain means you can have an industrial workstation or your server, no matter the size — 8U, 4U, 2U or 1U servers available — when you need it.

We can provide the generic hardware solutions with the regulatory certifications for more than 40 industry verticals. Your Dell OEM account team will provide the guidance, documentation and specifications you need to customize your hardware — whether it's an industrial computer or a 1U or 2U server and even 4U or 8U servers — to meet your performance and cosmetic needs. When you're finished with the design, it will look like the solution came straight from you.

Platform OEM Ready XL Program (IT Lifecycle Management)
PowerEdge R910 OEM 
PowerEdge R820 OEM 
PowerEdge R720xd OEM OEM 
PowerEdge R720 OEM OEM 
PowerEdge R620 OEM OEM 
PowerEdge R520 OEM OEM 
PowerEdge R420 OEM  
PowerEdge R320 OEM  
PowerEdge R210II OEM OEM 
PowerEdge T620 OEM  
PowerEdge T420 OEM  
PowerEdge T320 OEM  
Precision R5500  OEM 
Precision T5600**  OEM 
Precision T3600**  OEM 
OptiPlex 9010**  OEM 
OptiPlex XE2 OEM  
PowerVault MD1200/1220 OEM  
PowerVault MD3400/3420/3460 OEM  
PowerVault MD3800/3820/3860i OEM 
PowerVault MD3800/3820/3860f OEM 
PowerVault MD3060e OEM 
PowerVault MD3200/3220i   
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