Dell and Accenture make it easy for your enterprise to migrate from proprietary server platforms and outdated legacy data centers to more open, flexible, standards-based technology.

Dell ProConsult™ Infrastructure Consulting, together with Accenture, offers RISC migration services that enable fast, seamless transitions away from complex UNIX®-based systems to Dell PowerEdge™ Linux® servers. With a comprehensive set of services, tools, guidelines and other resources, Dell and Accenture can help you save time and money, and eliminate the complexities inherent in RISC-based systems.

The Accenture Advantage

With more than 5000 RISC migration projects under its belt, Accenture has the expertise and proven ability to deliver a smooth, hassle-free migration using industry-standard, tested and validated solutions from Dell. Unlike alternatives from other providers — which often feature complex technology that locks you into proprietary, expensive solutions — Dell and Accenture deliver the power and flexibility of open-standards technology.

Learn more about migrating from legacy RISC/UNIX platforms to open Dell PowerEdge/Linux solutions: