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The Next-Generation Retail Experience
New technology and evolving customers are reshaping the retail marketplace. Consumers are increasingly tech savvy, relying on smartphones and social media to help make buying decisions — driving new retail business models.

The new consumer is a multichannel shopper who interacts with retailers via multiple touchpoints and expects a seamless cross-channel experience.

The Retail Imperative
In the past, retailers followed a mass production model — from factory to truck to store. In today's era, retailers must shift to a model that is customer-centric, experience-driven and seamless across channels.

Technology is essential in minimizing complex operations and helping retailers gain valuable customer insights, while delivering a compelling shopping experience.

 Customer Insight SolutionsCustomer Insight Solutions
While many retailers have vast amounts of customer data, most of that data is trapped within various silos. Dell helps retailers unify customer data across the organization so they can better understand consumers' buying behavior and, ultimately, make smarter marketing investments.
Customer Engagement SolutionsCustomer Engagement Solutions
Today's shoppers seek a personalized and relevant experience. Dell customer engagement solutions help retailers truly engage and, ultimately, convert today's highly mobile and connected consumer.
Efficient Operations SolutionsEfficient Operations Solutions
Dell™ Retail helps minimize operations and IT complexity. This, in turn, helps retailers gain the organizational agility to realign around the customer, the visibility to create a single customer view and the flexibility to engage an evolving customer.

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Talk to Dell About Retail Industry Solutions
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