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Dell Rugged computing solutions are built for world-class reliability in the demanding conditions you operate in every day. Browse our spec sheets, case studies, whitepapers and videos to learn more.

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    The City of Westminster, CO, Modernizes its First Responder Solution with Dell Precision Workstations


    With public safety organizations facing increasing budget pressures, of critical importance to the City of Westminster, Colorado, was finding an IT vendor that could deliver innovative and secure mobile solutions while also optimizing total cost of ownership and reducing support cost. In Dell they found such a partner.

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    Notebook Reliability TBR Whitepaper

    Dell notebooks are the most reliable according to Customer Satisfaction Research

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    Why Dell Rugged?

    Computing solutions in harsh environments require maximum durability. Failure could jeopardize the mission or be costly. With Dell Rugged, you get field-ready technology that’s reliable, capable, and manageable in the most extreme conditions.

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    The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) relies on rugged Dell laptops


    Police officers in America’s second largest city gain fast, reliable access to mission-critical applications in their squad cars, thanks to a custom Dell Latitude Rugged notebook solution, improving public safety by increasing effectiveness despite harsh conditions.

  5. Latitude Rugged Brochure

    Dell Latitude Rugged Family Brochure


    Discover how the new Dell Latitude Rugged porfolio offers best-in-class reliability and productivity in the harsh conditions you face every day. With the most secure and manageable rugged computers available, you can focus on your work.

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    Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) - Video


    The Los Angeles Police Department replaced existing in-vehicle computing hardware with Dell rugged notebooks, monitors and keyboards. The new infrastructure is space-saving, ruggedized for resiliency, and is managed by Dell Services.

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    SEK International Schools chooses highly reliable Dell tablets for its learning environment


    International schools organisation boosts student engagement through greater creativity during study times with Dell Venue 11 Pro tablets and Dell Latitude 13 Education Series laptops running Windows 8.1.

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    Little Cypress-Mauriceville Consolidated Independent School District chooses Dell for the classroom


    During a complete refresh of K–12 classroom PCs, a Texas school district was able to make student learning more collaborative, interactive and personalized using Dell OptiPlex desktop PCs, Latitude laptops and Venue 11 Pro tablets.

  9. 2013-jtg-daugherty-10012881.jpg

    JTG Daugherty Racing - Video


    NASCAR team JTG Daugherty uses Dell ruggedized notebooks to collect, analyze and share technical data on race days, giving their team the competitive edge to adapt to ever-changing conditions.

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    JTG Daugherty Racing


    Racing team deployed Dell ruggedized notebooks to collect, analyze and share data from test runs, test rigs, and more, helping the team make crucial last-minute changes and achieve the best results on race day.