Data storage is a powerful game changer. A commuter on the train with a smartphone searching Google has access to more information than the president of the United States did just 15 years ago. For small- and medium-size businesses, server and storage solution will help businesses grow and help IT managers avoid disasters.

Everyday hardware fails, gets damaged or vanishes. Files can be accidentally deleted or computer viruses can make them disappear. Clearly no business can avoid these impeding disasters, but with server and storage solutions, you'll be ready for them

Every business has unique needs, so here are some ideas to help you determine what will serve you best.

The workload your server has to manage determines what kind of server you need. Having backup files immediately available in the event of trouble could be the difference between a small business staying open and having to shut down.
Here are some examples of how you can be ready:

A single-processor tower server with a suitable amount of memory can handle basic file/print sharing duties. For high-performance applications, you will need a server with multiple processors and large memory capacity. Or to manage the demands of web page ecommerce or networking and security management, you will need specialized server specifically that can handle the heavy traffic.

The Dell™ family of PowerEdge™ servers and PowerVault™ storage solutions provide you with a wide selection of power and performance options, so you can choose the right processing power and memory capacity.

You need a system that can withstand at least 3–5 years of intense business activity. With Dell server and storage solutions, you choose the platforms and technologies that give you easy, fast expansion and that grow with you as your business expands.

Support, maintenance, costs
Good support begins before you purchase. As your business technology provider, Dell can help you assess and design the right server and storage system to match your business. Dell servers and storage use processers, power supplies and internal components that scale power consumption to workload demands and help you keep power and cooling costs low.

A server is always on guard
One of the best features of having a server is that it acts as the primary barrier to outside intrusion. Servers let you create a common workspace inside your business, so you can share data freely and with the confidence that only authorized personnel have access to that information.