PowerEdge Tower Servers

PowerEdge tower servers answer user needs across a spectrum — from the small office / home office, to the enterprise data center. Our customer-inspired designs deliver the performance and expandability to get the job done today, and to grow into the future. And they feature technology innovations that make IT more efficient, so you achieve better business and organizational outcomes.

PowerEdge rack servers all deliver finely tuned performance, because each is designed with carefully balanced memory, IO and internal storage options. That means they deliver faster response times and support greater numbers of transactions. And next-generation PowerEdge tower servers deliver value for any scale — from small offices / home offices that need to get organized and become more productive, to enterprises and large organizations that require peak performance and huge internal storage capacities.
In fact, our latest generation T630 tower server lets you accelerate application performance, store even more data internally, drive I/O faster, and even step-up cost-effective graphical rendering for CAD and HPC.

PowerEdge tower servers deliver simplified and intuitive systems management capabilities that help you more easily deploy, monitor, manage and maintain servers across their entire life cycles, with much greater automation and ease-of-use. And our next-generation tower server makes systems management easier than ever before with features like:
  • iDRAC Direct for fast, local server deployments
  • OpenManage Mobile for round-the-clock remote access from your smart device

The configuration flexibility of PowerEdge tower servers makes them highly adaptable so you can tailor configurations to the specific demands of your applications. In addition, their internal expandability allows them to grow with you over time, at your pace, so you get excellent investment protection — better total cost of ownership, and better return on investment.

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