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Address complex business challenges with next-generation PowerEdge servers

In a virtual era, the rules have changed.
Powerful trends in IT — like virtualization, cloud computing and mobile access — drive essential new technologies in Enterprise IT. Integrating them with your legacy capabilities can create a complex environment of systems, standards and patch-worked resources for you to manage. Dell PowerEdge servers and shared infrastructure solutions help you achieve your IT imperatives with time-tested designs and the latest innovative technologies. Our solutions help you:

Accomplish more
  • Optimize your virtualization environment with memory-dense platforms and shared infrastructure solutions.
  • Get faster access to data using Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSDs, Select Network Adapter and Switch Independent Partitioning technologies.
  • Accelerate high-performance computing with multi-core GPU accelerators using Generation3 PCIe.
  • Achieve faster migration of workloads in hybrid virtual/physical environments with automated systems management.
  • Get more throughput with major input/output (I/O) performance enhancements

Improve operational efficiency
  • Automate IT management tasks with iDRAC7 with Lifecycle Controller.
  • Manage anywhere, anytime, with agent-free server management consoles and connections to the third-party tools you may already use.
  • Reduce maintenance time with auto-updates for replacement parts.
  • Control cooling costs with industry-leading heat tolerances and the automated power monitoring and control of OpenManage Power Center.
  • Tailor your network to your applications with fabric flexibility and modular shared infrastructure architectures.
  • Reduce complexity with simplified architectures and modular designs.

Ensure business continuity
  • Respond rapidly to changing technology requirements with our easily scalable designs.
  • Access information faster with storage tiering.
  • Protect data in motion using best-in-class RAID.
  • Protect data at rest with malware resistance and faster encryption.
  • Keep data safer with firmware signing and encrypted credentials.

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    Solution Brief: Architect versatile, efficient remote site IT with the Dell PowerEdge VRTX


    IT environments that traverse multiple sites often pose random mixes of platforms and vendors, data and administrative silos, and few to no local support resources. Yet multi-site IT can contribute a lot to an organization’s mission. The Dell PowerEdge VRTX was designed expressly to deliver on the specialized needs of ROBO environments.