What methods of notification are available with AlertFind?
With Dell AlertFind you can send notifications by email, voice call, text message, page and fax.

How do you send a notification?
There are four ways to send notifications with AlertFind:
  1. Web-based browser — Authorized personnel log on and complete an easy-to-use form denoting recipients and message. You can send notifications to predefined user groups or escalation groups or broadcast the message to your entire user database.
  2. 24x7 support — Authorized personnel call a dedicated Dell notification line to dictate the message and specify recipient groups. Dell then sends the notification.
  3. Interactive voice response (IVR) lines — You can create predefined templates for notifications with quick launch codes and distribution lists. Once your authorized personnel call the IVR line and enter the launch code, Dell sends the notification.
  4. Application programming interface (API) — Automated notifications can be integrated with other enterprise applications. For example, a call to a help desk automatically sends a service order to repair personnel.
What can I do with the API?
You can integrate AlertFind with other software systems to trigger automated notifications. The API also enables integration with directory and other enterprise software solutions to maintain current user contact information.

How do you confirm that contacts have received a message?
AlertFind offers unlimited two-way polling; secure PIN message delivery; acknowledgement via voice, web or email; automatic conference call bridging; and easily conducted virtual “roll calls”.

How are notifications escalated?
AlertFind enables you to easily specify device-to-device escalation rules and user-to-user escalations.

How many users can I reach?
AlertFind can reach 100,000 or more users — anytime and virtually anywhere.

What security access measures are in place?
You can specify which personnel have the ability to initiate notifications and specify whom they can contact. You can also control who can access sensitive personnel data.

How are contacts grouped?
You can control user access to data and functionality by creating teams of users based on business unit, department, response team, geographic location and role.

Can you survey contacts?
Two-way polling is available and AlertFind can even poll users directly to prompt them to update their contact information.

How do you ensure contact information is accurate?
AlertFind can be automated for data synchronization with email, human resources systems, corporate directories and databases to ensure contact information is always accurate.

How does AlertFind help ensure that systems don’t crash during large-scale communications?
AlertFind is hosted at top-tier data centers on redundant infrastructure to provide secure, highly available, global communications capabilities.

What reports and audits are available?
AlertFind features a real-time audit trail with a detailed transactional log and reporting on both pending and sent notifications. Reports offer simple summaries and detailed descriptions of the notification process on a by-user or by-device basis.

What Web browsers are supported?
AlertFind supports:
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer (version 6 and higher)
  • Mozilla® Firefox® (version and higher; QuickTime must be installed to listen to voice recordings used for message delivery on your PC)
  • Apple® Safari™ (version 2.0 and higher on Macintosh™ computers only)
What other services are included?
Incident Collaboration Center (ICC) is an add-on service to AlertFind and provides a central web portal for collaboration and information sharing. The AlertFind ICC can be used to post incident logs, provide task management and enable secure document sharing using permission-based access.

Can I purchase the ICC as a stand-alone service?
No. The ICC is an optional add-on to the Dell AlertFind service. Together these services form a comprehensive and dependable enterprise notification and collaboration system.

How are tasks managed in the AlertFind ICC?
The AlertFind ICC provides formal task assignment and tracking capabilities, enabling employees to remotely post task checklists and monitor progress in compartmentalized task streams. As an event progresses, your business units, departments or teams can use prebuilt checklists or add tasks to ensure rapid incident resolution.

What is the document library feature of the AlertFind ICC?
During a notification event, you may need to access and share many types of documents, including contact lists, contracts, manuals, flow charts and spreadsheets. The AlertFind ICC includes a secure document library for documents associated with an event. You can organize documents using folders and subfolders, upload documents of any file type, and search by title, description or file contents.

How does the AlertFind ICC help coordinate responses to a notice?
Traditional notification systems are designed to locate people and deliver messages, not to coordinate response teams. The AlertFind ICC includes a continuous, time-stamped log that enables team members to update status in real time and report on progress against assigned tasks. An even broader set of users can log in to follow a developing situation or to search the log for specific information.

These incident logs and other reports are especially helpful postincident, enabling your managers to analyze incident responses and actions to improve future performance.

How secure is my data?
Dell is committed to providing a high level of security for all data handled through AlertFind and other Dell IT Management software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. To secure our internal network environment and associated assets, Dell data centers use a number of industry-standard security solutions that include:
  • Virus detection
  • Email attachment scanning
  • System and application patch compliance
  • Intrusion prevention and detection systems
  • Firewalls
Dell also has administrative controls in place for AlertFind services that involve policy and procedures, such as security policies and testing.

How do I get started?
To learn how AlertFind can help you simplify enterprise notification, please contact a Dell representative today.