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Ease Windows Server 2003 Migration before July 14, 2015

Migrating your enterprise to a modern Microsoft® Windows® operating system is a complex process that can strain IT resources. That’s why Dell is focused on helping customers meet the deadline of the decade: On July 14, 2015 -- support for Windows 2003 will cease. Will your organization be ready?

Dell | Windows Server 2003 Migration Service

As the July 2015 deadline looms, count on Dell to help accelerate your organization transition workloads to newer operating systems, such as Windows Server 2012 R2, or to Cloud models, plus dramatically mitigate your risk and costs associated with end-of-life technology. The strategic value to efficient Windows migration is application, hardware and deployment readiness. There are many different approaches to server migration, and Dell has the systems and expertise to determine the most efficient approach for each workload. As a leading Microsoft’s leading Windows deployment partner, Dell has developed unique tools and proven practices to help ensure migration readiness.

The Benefits of Dell Windows Server 2003 Migration Service include:

  • Minimize IT resource strain
  • Identify opportunities for transformation to ‘as a service’ models
  • Prioritize migration while mitigating end user impact
  • Improve application performance by optimizing sever resources and architecture
  • Develop a baseline of your enterprise to retain for Configuration Management
  • A complete end-to-end solution from Dell – hardware, software, and services

Now is the time to move to Windows 7® or Windows 8®
Whether you need help getting started, or you discover roadblocks during the migration process, we can help you move your workforce to a modern operating system with Dell Services.

Windows XP support officially ends on April 8, 2014. Any XP machines left on your network will expose you to tremendous security risk and escalating costs. Switching your end users to Windows 7 or Windows 8 is the only way to continue receiving the latest security updates and support from Microsoft®. Dell experts can help make your transition rapid, easy and hassle free.

Dell |
Windows Migration Services

Dell’s holistic approach to migration can help at any stage of your journey from planning, to migration and education services. As Microsoft’s #1 Windows 7 deployment partner, Dell has developed unique tools and proven practices to ensure readiness and a cost effective migration.

At Dell we believe that the secret of an efficient Windows migration is application, hardware, and deployment readiness.
  • Prepare for Windows 7 or Windows 8 by inventory and compatibility testing applications. Identify all of the hardware, and determine what must be replaced and what can be upgraded. Where are you in the journey?
  • Automate the migration process including the base image, OS settings, applications, user data migration, domain join, encryption and all other steps in the PC build process. The goal is to reduce, or eliminate, the need for hands-on technicians, and even enable users to migrate themselves. 
  • Implement track device readiness, application readiness and user change management throughout the migration schedule. Dell’s cloud-based Client Deployment Manager helps track and manage the migration.
  • Educate your workforce to thrive on the new system.

Dell | Windows Migration Fast Forward Service

If you’re looking to jump-start a new migration or fast-forward one already in progress, Dell can help with our modular Windows Migration Fast Forward Service. Smoothly and quickly transition up to 5,000 client systems and five sites by choosing from all our available modules - including inventory, application rationalization, compatibility testing, remediation, packaging and deployment. The typical Windows Migration Fast Forward Service takes only 16 weeks.

Dell |
Windows 8 Boot Camp

If you are purchasing Windows 8 tablets, Dell Windows 8 Readiness Boot Camp can help you get started deploying them throughout your organization. This modular program is segmented into one-week engagements to assist with the key activities of preparing for a Windows 8 tablet deployment. The program begins with a review of the scope of your deployment, followed by execution of the transition itself, and ends with a transfer of knowledge to your team.

Benefits of Dell | Windows® Migration Services include:
  • Reduce the time spent and risks related to Windows 7 and Windows 8 migration
  • Quickly inventory your software titles and identify compatibility issues
  • Review the scope of required end-user training plans
  • Plan for the impact of the end to Windows XP support
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