Dell ZeroIMPACT Migration Services

Upgrade your SAP applications with minimal downtime

SAP services are crucial to enterprise IT operations, be it resource planning, customer relationship management, data gathering and analytics, or other processes. Because many SAP applications are mission-critical, they require 24x7 availability, making downtime costly in terms of both money and productivity.

Dell ZeroIMPACT migration services allow your resources and applications to remain available during an SAP migration. This end-to-end solution provides a cost-effective, low-impact alternative in moving SAP enterprise applications to more stable, modern environment. You’ll minimize downtime, maximize performance and take advantage of the latest cloud and hybrid environments.

Dell ZeroIMPACT migration services help your organization:
  • Reduce costly planned outages and maintain data access during migration 
  • Offer configurations for highly customized implementations 
  • Provide on-time, on-budget, error-free migration 
  • Validate performance in new environment before migration using our test harness option
  • Gain support from our expertise and practical experience
Using a proven four-step methodology, our SAP migration services help you minimize risk and maximize benefits.
  • Preparation. We use an extensive pre-migration assessment to analyze what should and shouldn’t be moved.
  • Migration. We reduce downtime, user disruptions, errors and risk with our simplified migration SharePlex technology.
  • Coexistence. We maintain business productivity using the existing system to transact, move, store, process and analyze data during migration.
  • Management. We monitor, report and recover across your new environment.
Minimize downtime with our SharePlex technology
Whether upgrading a legacy platform, migrating to a new platform or moving to the cloud, SharePlex is the ideal way to modernize your SAP infrastructure. SharePlex minimizes impact by deploying a streaming process outside the database. An innovative log-based replication technology ensures data accuracy by providing data integrity without affecting or changing the live source application.

ZeroIMPACT means zero headaches for your IT organization and end users. If you want to eliminate risk during your migrations and updates, look no further than ZeroIMPACT Migration Services for SAP applications.

Benefits of Dell ZeroIMPACT Migration Services include:
  • Eliminates planned outages during migration to ensure continued end-user productivity
  • Offers configurations for highly customized implementations
  • Provides on-time, on-budget, error-free migration to maximize investment value of new platform
  • Backed by business-critical support that provides expertise and practical experience
  • Validates performance in new environment before migration using our test harness option
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