• Deploy a comprehensive email archiving solution in as little as a day and grow as large as needed — without burdening your IT department
  • Search more than 500 million email messages in seconds
  • Reduce data stores by as much as 80 percent
  • Maintain accurate email archives for any number of users
  • Centrally manage retention policies and legal holds

Retention Policies, Legal Holds and Efficient Storage

When timelines are tight and the stakes are high, sorting through a virtual mountain of unstructured email archives can become an enterprise nightmare.

Dell™ EMS Email Archive, an easy-to-implement, Storage-as-a-Service solution, can help you shine a bright light into the depths of your digital archive so you can efficiently and cost-effectively manage email retention, deletion, retrieval and storage.

Maximum Flexibility: Retention Policies
Don’t get locked into rigid archival solutions that require long implementation cycles and inflexible retention policies. Select the wrong solution and you may face:
  • Months of expensive professional services before your archive is fully operational
  • A requirement that you define retention policies before implementation — a nonsensical constraint in the world of continually evolving regulatory requirements
Dell EMS Email Archive is different. Dell EMS Email Archive enables you to:
  • Start archiving email from any number of users in as little as a day.
  • Set retention and deletion policies of any length, by user, group or server, and change them at any time. Changes can be made as needs evolve and are fully recorded to provide a complete audit.
Once retention and deletion policies are set, then Dell EMS Email Archive will make sure that messages are stored properly and at the appropriate time.

Effective Legal Governance: Email as Evidence
When email becomes evidence, expenses can mount rapidly: Loading tape to search thousands of messages for manual review can cost millions of dollars, and take months to complete.

Dell EMS Email Archive gives you enormous flexibility.

With EMS Archive, you can:
  • Set legal holds of any length, by user, group or server, and change them at any time to provide complete retention policy management to incoming mail.
  • Set forward- or backward-looking legal holds, so you can capture historical or future email without duplicating message copies.
  • Perform searches across headers, body, subject, file names and over 400 attachment types in seconds
  • Make it easy for authorized users or legal counsel to search selected mailboxes — or the entire environment — using any search criteria.
  • Find all aliases and distribution lists for search and legal holds by integrating with Active Directory®.
Improved Performance: Smart Storage
As email usage continues to grow, organizations struggle to maintain both performance and accurate and complete backups.

Dell EMS Email Archive can:
  • Reduce data stores by up to 80 percent and improve the performance of primary email systems.
  • Compress and encrypt a copy of each unique sent or received email and transmit it to the EMS data center.
  • Use intelligent import capabilities to consolidate distributed email into a single archive, where it can be centrally retained, searched and managed.
  • Replace space-hungry duplicate attachments with a stub, thereby reducing duplicates to a single instance of each attachment. When attachments are stubbed, they are still accessible through the archive directly from the original message.