• Lower your total cost of ownership with an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-scale solution that is hosted by Dell
  • Effectively eliminate email downtime from local infrastructure outages and viruses
  • Prevent data loss caused by database corruption
  • Effectively eliminate email downtime, whether caused by local infrastructure outages, database corruption, Active Directory® corruption, configuration errors, viruses or malware
In any organization, ensuring email continuity is critical. Your employees, suppliers and ability to do business all depend on 100 percent uptime. Dell makes it easy to streamline and manage email systems, so you can help ensure continued access to email without downtime or data loss — even when your primary system goes down.

With Dell™ Email Continuity, you’ll also be able to:
  • Provide email continuity in minutes for Microsoft® Outlook®, BlackBerry® devices or web mail to help ensure that email does not bounce back and that email system outages do not become evident to the outside world
  • Keep email intuitive for end users during outages so that when outages occur, Microsoft Exchange users are seamlessly switched to EMS Email Continuity without any action on their part
  • Recover data easily after a primary system outage using EMS Email Continuity to locate the missing messages in the archive and quickly restore them to the primary environment — there is no need to rebuild the entire server or environment
  • Ensure future scalability with a wealth of additional mailboxes for any number of users without the administrative burden required to maintain, update and expand complex, on-premise systems
Make the smarter choice for email service delivery
Dell EMS Email Continuity is a Software as a Service (SaaS)-enabled solution that provides benefits for email continuity while effectively eliminating the risks of downtime and data loss. Discover:
  • A better service delivery model than traditional on-premise solutions — EMS effectively eliminates email downtime.
  • Reduced complexity and administrative headaches — EMS easily provides virtually infinite mailboxes for any number of users.
  • Lower total cost of ownership — EMS can be deployed in as little as a day, with near-zero maintenance and predictable monthly costs.