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Email Management Without the Hassle
Good communication is at the heart of every successful business, which makes your email a vital tool. Yet, between ensuring that it’s always running, easily found and free of viruses, spam and unauthorized content, managing your email can be a thankless task. Eliminate the hassle, risk and stress of email management with software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions from Dell.

A comprehensive suite of cloud-delivered solutions, Dell™ Email Management Services (EMS) is designed to help you solve virtually all your email challenges — from preventing downtime to fighting spam and viruses. Even better, EMS requires no infrastructure to purchase or maintain.

Find out how Dell EMS can help you:
  • Effectively eliminate email downtime and reduce the risk of data loss 
  • Securely archive email with flexible retention and deletion policies 
  • Deliver groundbreaking global search performance 
  • Block spam and virus attack
  • Filter and prevent unauthorized content and images from being sent in and out of your email network
  • Encrypt email connection between you and designated partners

email archive Email Archive
Take charge of email archiving and e-discovery. We can help you reduce data stores by as much as 80 percent, search more than 500 million emails in seconds, and centrally manage retention policies and legal holds.

email security Email Security
Depend on a cutting-edge spam and virus filtering system that inspects over 500,000 attributes of every message. Protect your organization's sensitive data with EMS Email Security from Dell.
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