• Defend against increasingly sophisticated spam, viruses and unwanted content
  • Protect your sensitive data — and your company's reputation
  • Receive automated maintenance, user synchronization, virus signature management and spam engine management with a simple-to-use service hosted by Dell
Protecting your organization from spam, viruses, and unwanted content and images can be a daunting task. At risk are your customers, employees, your organization’s data and network — and, if viruses or malware leads to a security breach, even your organization’s brand and reputation.

Dell™ EMS Email Security, a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-enabled solution, is an on-demand, anti-virus, anti-spam, content-filtering and email encryption service that provides robust protection against security threats before they reach your servers.

EMS Email Security features:
  • Extremely effective and accurate spam and virus engines that eliminate a vast majority of false positives and negatives — helping ensure that critical email gets through while spam and viruses get blocked, eliminating the need for users to routinely check quarantines for legitimate email that might have been misclassified.
  • Effective elimination of email downtime and data loss due to security threats and transmission of unauthorized content.
  • Access to personal contacts with real-time directory synchronization to automatically add company employees and personal contacts to safe lists so email from crucial addresses always gets through
  • Encryption of the entire email connection between your network and those of designated partners, providing you with security and peace of mind that vital business communications are protected.