Modernization Assessment for SAP

Simplify the management of SAP environments

Supporting a complex SAP application gets exponentially difficult as organizations align to their business priorities, operational requirements and budget needs.

Dell Modernization Assessment for SAP can make it easier to take the first step. Our IT consultants offer a comprehensive approach to uncover your current state of operational realities and identify where you want to go.

How it works
Using a proven delivery approach based on decades of implementing SAP systems worldwide, our team works with you to determine whether a standard or customized solution is best for you. We then architect and develop an enterprise-wide SAP strategy that meets your business and budget requirements. The Dell Modernization Assessment for SAP includes:
  • Assessing your current SAP operations, including systemic, financial and qualitative data
  • Rating your complexity, calculated service delivery costs and validating the current mode of operations
  • Reporting the results, and identifying specific findings and recommendations to create a SAP Modernization road map architecture
Benefits of Modernization Assessment for SAP include:
  • Receive an assessment of your current SAP operations: including systemic, financial and qualitative data
  • Identify a gap analysis that calculates service delivery costs, complexity rating and validates the current mode of operations
  • Get a SAP Modernization road map architecture that reduces complexity and maintenance spend on assessment of your current SAP operations
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