Workshop Services
  • Discover new technologies that can help you meet your changing business requirements
  • Pinpoint potential time and cost savings with improved efficiency recommendations
  • Learn the next steps to achieve a dynamic architecture

Transform your data center with next-generation efficiencies

The next generation of enterprise architecture — with rapid provisioning, automatic high availability and cloud-ready infrastructures — is here. Are you ready to transform your data center with these technologies?

The Dell Efficient Architecture Workshop can help you take the first step.

How it works

During a half-day session, our consultants will meet with you to answer your questions, such as:

  • What’s the best architecture for my data center?
  • How can virtualization simplify my configuration management and monitoring processes?
  • How can I move from virtualization to cloud?

We’ll help you make informed decisions on where to focus your IT resources so that you can accelerate the benefits of new technology.

The Dell Efficient Architecture Workshop includes:

  • Half-day whiteboard session at Dell or at your location
  • Discussion of how to map your IT business requirements to technologies that can help reduce costs and increase efficiencies
  • Overview of Dell capabilities and best practices
  • Discussion of the latest technologies suited to your environment
  • Next steps, including an assessment to aid with planning and implementation
  • Verbal presentation and written summary