Customer service

Optimize your customer service seamlessly across multiple channels

Whether you’re a retail chain or telecommunications service provider, your customers demand continuous access to service and support — through the channel or channels they choose.

With a customer service solution from Dell, you’ll be able to provide effective, multichannel support across phone, email, web and social media — all tailored to meet the expectations of your customers.

Provide globally consistent customer service across multiple channels. Let us assess your existing service model, analyze demand patterns across channels and apply these insights to help you build a strategy for improved customer service delivery.

Enhance customer self-service. Meet customer needs through low-cost self-service options.

Optimize service delivery. Define productivity and performance metrics for your service workforce and create an effective delivery model based on data such as contact history, cost and service time.

Drive auditing and quality assurance. Create a compliance-management framework that meets industry regulations without disrupting your business.

Benefits of Customer service include:

  • What if you had access to a global team of customer service professionals?
  • What if you could generate valuable customer insights with the data you already have?
  • What if you could provide the right answer, at the right time, through the right channel?
  • What if you could use voice and text analysis to improve efficiency?



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