Knowledge Processing Outsourcing and Analytics

Improve business performance through powerful analytics

To improve business performance, you need information — data, performance analytics, and insights into your global operations, supply chain and industry.

With end-to-end marketing solutions from Dell, you can create effective content management tools that help you take your organization to the next level. By developing and managing content in multiple languages, making effective advertising decisions, and implementing tools and services that help you to better understand your customers’ price and value perceptions, you’ll be better positioned to meet the demands of a global customer base.

Our knowledge processing services include:

  • Online Sales and Marketing Solutions: Get a better return on your online marketing investments with campaign and storefront operations management that support the entire lifecycle from design to execution.
  • Content Operations: With expertise and multilingual support from Dell™ Services, you can develop, index, store, search and retrieve content to create tailor-made solutions.
  • Web Analytics: Analyze your web traffic trends and optimize your online store-front operations.
  • Social Media: Positively impact what consumers and opinion drivers are saying about your organization with Dell’s social media listening and analytics services.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing
With our expertise in procurement and supply chain systems, together with business intelligence tools and a global team of analysts, you’ll get the insights you need to achieve supply chain excellence.

Our services include:

  • Demand and supply analytics
  • Insights on production and material managements
  • Provisioning of tools for improved financial and tax planning
  • Effective collaboration with partners
Credit Card Fraud Prevention Analytics

Reduce your credit collection costs and detect credit fraud with a credit card fraud prevention solution from Dell. Working with our global, multilingual resources, you’ll be better able to identify high-risk transactions, adjust daily to evolving fraud trends and help your investigators make decisions more quickly:

  • Once data is collected, the transactions are assigned a risk score and sent to risk investigators for analysis
  • Investigators validate the security and authenticity of the transaction through public credit bureau information in addition to making phone calls to the credit card issuing bank
  • Once the transaction is determined to be either authentic or fraudulent, appropriate steps are taken

Customer Support
Determine demand patterns, measure process effectiveness, and improve customer satisfaction and support agent effectiveness with a global, multichannel customer service solution from Dell.

Benefits of Knowledge Processing Outsourcing and Analytics include:

  • What if you could provide multilingual web content to support your most mission-critical functions?
  • What if you could transform web traffic, product pricing and social media data into valuable customer insights?
  • What if you could optimize your supply chain through powerful modeling and analytics?
  • What if you could prevent credit card fraud?