• What if you had a common tool set for reporting and maintenance?
  • What if you could receive automated alerts for hardware failures, storage/system threshold management and change management?
  • What if you had weekly or even daily backup alternatives to supplement your disaster-recovery efforts?
  • What if you could store your sensitive business data off-site, using a proven and trusted provider?

Dell Storage Services

Reduce the complexities around storing, protecting and managing your data

Email, transactional records, multimedia, security logs and other content are piling up by the second — and managing this data explosion is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations like yours. You need a sophisticated storage strategy to manage data growth while ensuring it remains secure and compliant.

With Dell’s data storage, protection and management, you’ll be able to optimize the way your organization stores, protects and manages data:
  • Server disk storage services deliver fault-tolerant data storage for open system server platform
  • Mainframe disk storage services, hardware and advance software tools provide high-end data availability and performance for critical applications
  • Media services provide for mounting of tape storage media and physical storing of your tape media
  • Data backup services help ensure your backup data will be available when you need it
For additional information, please contact your Dell representative.