Dell Enterprise COBOL

Migrate your COBOL applications to a cost-savings platform

Your mainframe COBOL applications may contain years of valuable business logic, but running them on complex legacy systems can be expensive to maintain. Dell Enterprise COBOL provides an alternative to mainframe COBOL and Micro Focus® COBOL dialects that can help you lower total cost of ownership (TCO) without affecting existing development teams. 

Dell Enterprise COBOL provides a powerful environment for you to develop and deploy your business-critical COBOL applications on open systems. Legacy COBOL dialect support means you can migrate existing interactive and batch environments, as well as stand-alone application deployments, with little or no code change.

Dell Enterprise COBOL includes:

  • Powerful COBOL compiler: Produce optimized object code that you can deploy on a variety of platforms such as Linux® and Microsoft Windows to take full advantage of 32- or 64-bit deployments
  • Streamlined, portable runtime environment: Improve performance in many common enterprise scenarios with a runtime environment designed to minimize overhead and provide optimized access to data
  • Flexible, visual studio-based integrated development environment: Provide your COBOL programmers with a single, flexible environment for all development tasks (design, coding, testing and debugging) in a widely accepted and extensible framework
  • Wide range of data access capabilities: Simplify transitions to the Dell Enterprise COBOL platform with support for all common COBOL file organizations, record types and relational databases
Quickly re-platform and distribute your valuable application code on a wide range of open systems with Dell Enterprise COBOL.

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