Social Media Workshops

Because social media is used in so many aspects of business, it’s understandable that questions may arise. As you begin or evolve your social media initiatives, you may ask:
  • What goes into building a social media program?
  • How do we embed social media throughout the company?
  • Is a dedicated social media team necessary?
  • Can we activate employees to engage in social media while mitigating potential risks to the company?
  • How can we build an effective listening strategy?
Becoming a social business is no small undertaking. It takes time, dedication and visionary insight to understand, build and integrate social media into the fabric of your company. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an experienced team on your side to remove the guesswork and guide your organization through this process?

Our workshops are designed to help remove the guesswork and advance your overall understanding and involvement in social media. They are consultative in nature and customized on two distinct levels: 
  • Your company’s specific needs
  • Our knowledge of the ever-changing social media landscape
Whether we deliver training to 10 people or 100, our focus is to provide a learning experience to address the dynamic needs of your company, customers and industry.

Our workshops cover four key areas:
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Listening and Insights
  • Strategy Building
To learn more, please contact Dell Social Media Services at SMServices@dell.com.
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