• Improve efficiency by streamlining processes for managing multiple agreements
  • Avoid unnecessary costs by managing expiring warranties
  • Support hardware beyond 5 years

Multivendor support

One Less Thing to Worry About

Running an efficient data center doesn't stop at choosing the right hardware. You want — and need — the same ease of management when it comes to maintenance. Managing complex environments with multiple vendors and service contracts can take up valuable time and strain resources that may already be stretched thin.

With Dell™ ProSupport™, with multivendor capabilities, you can simplify these day-to-day IT maintenance tasks by consolidating your hardware support under one service contract, through a single point of contact, for your support services and hardware needs. Now you can get high-quality service beyond warranty and streamline your IT needs:

  • Reduce management complexity with a single point of contact and a consolidated plan for your support needs
  • Align processes for managing warranty renewals, thereby improving efficiencies and reducing time spent on contract administration
  • Avoid unnecessary costs by efficiently managing expiring warranties and supporting hardware beyond 5 years

Dell ProSupport with multivendor capabilities supports worldwide customers of client and enterprise systems from vendors such as Apple®, HP®, Cisco®, NetApp®, IBM®, Sun®, Toshiba® and more. Support extends beyond x86 to cover laptops, desktops, UNIX®, networking, servers and storage. Contact a Dell representative for more details specific to your environment.