Dell Consulting Services
  • Speed installation and implementation of validated hardware/software design 
  • Transition critical business applications and data to the cloud without business interruption 
  • Configure management framework and tools for your new UNIX-based infrastructure

Migrate to an Open-Source Platform With Proven Methodology

Legacy UNIX® systems lag in performance and are expensive to maintain. But transferring your entire infrastructure to an open-source platform such as Linux presents its own challenges. An implementation of this scope can pull IT staff away from mission-critical operations. Further, unexpected roadblocks can slow the process. 

Reduce risk and speed deployment with UNIX to Linux® Migration Implementation services from Dell.

How it Works

Our team performs a validated migration process, which can include both a physical and virtual move of hardware and applications. Beginning with a proof of concept (POC) based in your test environment, we analyze target code based on migration-impacted metadata and generate metrics for sizing the migration.

We then use a test automation-framework tool to conduct testing of different business rules and scenarios.

In the final stage of implementation, we perform user-acceptance and performance testing, along with remediation, until all requirements are met.
The UNIX to Linux Migration Implementation service includes:

  • Ongoing process development for UNIX to Linux migration
  • Knowledge transfer to IT staff 
  • Quality assurance
  • Executive briefing before and after implementation 
  • Return on investment (ROI) impact report after implementation